Friday, 14 June 2013

History in the window


"On the birthday of our city theater KnAM pleased second time with the experiment. The windows of The KnAM Theatre that day again become an unusual screen. "History in the windows" is a social project of the theater, which began a year ago, this year introduced a few more films in the series "reconstruct the history of the city together."


The main characters of stories video installations - the townspeople, who were born or lived most of his life in Komsomolsk, who worked for the good of the city and had seen with his own eyes how the city grew and developed.

The authors of the window's video installation are the director and the actors of the theater KnAM want citizens to meet with the living bearers of history.

"History is alive for as long as live witnesses of the events. After the death of the last witness generation will face the problem of interpretation of the events of the past. Therefore, it is now so important to have time to ask the older generation of those questions that we are not able to answer, because we were born too late "- sure Tatyana Frolova.


Heroes are first of all ordinary citizens. For example, Aunt Sonia, the same age as Komsomolsk, which ran from famine and death, from the village of Bryansk region.

Frail woman has a terrific voice and a gift for artistic embroidery, worked all her life as a loader in the store, nicked, so that on two occasions refused to heart. Her story is very touching and can serve as a symbol of this generation's pride and glory, the hallmark of which was hard physical labor, inhumane living conditions and inexhaustible faith in a brighter future.

Ex-head of city Eugene Khoroshilov calls himself "the last of the first secretaries of the party".

Last year, he published his book "Komsomolsk-on-Amur - 80. The city that we never completed. " He said that under the general plan, adopted in the middle of last century, to  80th birthday of the city, in Komsomolsk will live a million people. But even in the best years of its population was about 320-thousand people. Today it dropped by almost 100,000, and people continue to leave the Komsomolsk. Forever.

"History in the windows" - part of the project undertaken by the Theatre KnAM supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation within the framework of the program "Theater + Society."

Сукнёв Владимир Ильич from t61 on Vimeo.

The second part of this project - the play "The River Flows" with the subtitle "Generation of pride and glory."


The play will be attended by heroes of stories presented in the windows of video installations. Work continues on the play, his premiere is scheduled for July.


Theatre KnAM grateful to all komsomolsk people who participated in the creation of video installations. People who can rightfully be called the generation of pride and glory.

Eugene Moses, the weekly "Our Town"

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