Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sunday, 29 January 2012

our guests

Oleg Loevsky and Speshkov Vladimir at the artistic kitchen in the KnAM Theatre. They are experts of national award Golden Mask. Than we saw Personal War (video by VIDY-L). It was fantastic reminiscence.

Friday, 27 January 2012


Our heroine of the documentary performance River flows is in the hospital now. She has heart's problem. But she is real Star - she wants to play at February 12th!
There is the most amazing thing. At the hospital she did not stop working. She writes music for the new song about Komsomolsk.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

in February


Monday, 16 January 2012

little vacation at the edge of Eurasia

We pass Khabarovsk

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Slice of moment

Presentation of a disk "Slice of moment"
Surprisingly, what makes a person to create something. Contrary to the harsh living conditions. I remember the pictures in the caves of prehistoric man. Why was it necessary to draw on the walls? It's like breathing. Nothing you can do with herself. In 4 years at Denis Koshman was a homemade guitar - my mother's thread-strung floss on a long board, and Gena Hromin probably could spend hours to extract the sounds from the nursery pianinki.Konechno, this gift is given with rozhdeniem.Hromin of those who never betrayed the gift, but as a stamped sentenced to life, following his call melodii.On not one of those who stay, he challenges the city, the constant lack of money, a strange disease of genius, gives it exclusive. See, hear, discover a new world. Because of GenAkoy otherwise fail. Do you like and know all his songs, all the turns of melody - and suddenly, like a bird caught by a powerful gust of wind, stops right at infinity, and freezes. Struck by a blow in the stomach ... Steep guys, these aliens are living on the outskirts of my town. New songs on the new disk "Slice of  moment" (disc extends through the theater KnAM)

part of concert


Gennady Khromin,just "Genius"

Denis Koshman, just "discovery of year"

Artiom Phomin, just "Temitch".

music from concert

photo Anna Shmidt

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Alla Dmitrievna

Three musicians Shundeev Nicholas Polozov Denis and Sergeev  Eugeny 
Alla D
looked for each other probably about a year ago. And it seems that this meeting may havecrucial role for the group with a strange name Alla Dmitrievna. The musicians are young, light,and they are crazy smart. They play indi-tronik and it is strange that in Komsomolsk hall retreated to the ceiling, about 50 people. It is claimed this is really fun!
concert of Alla Dmitrievna
a short interviev

music from concert today

Friday, 6 January 2012

"Experience of slow reading "

Night at the Library. A unique event on which we agreed in the spring. May be because ithat works very good director Lidia Sharangovich
and  good professionals works around her, they are librarians. "Good" it is a quality of people. This is really good sympathetic people with intelligent eyes and correct speech. Who were not angry frenzy overnight guests and helping them to navigate and advice. The smell of books, childhood memories of my youth, when I could spend hours wandering in the maze of books. Such events are very much needed for wake-up important cultural sense. I want again  go to the quiet reading rooms, where you are face to face with the book ... delighted by the opportunity to once again plunge into the bottomless abyss and the joy of tactile information. In general - in the near future - going and going! and may even do a flash mob long, two or three hours  a crowd of beautiful people comes and goes straight to the reading room. All take the old binder "Daltnevostochny Komsomolsk" or  the Great Soviet Encyclopedia, or something like that in art history ... Well, sit quietly reading. It's Beauty))))
Performance itself was as follows. Who wanted it choosing a passage from the works of Dostoevsky and read it in front of the camera, then the individual was a master-class with each participant, where Lena and I helped to dig into the text. People worked with such devotion that shivers ran  down my spine. This is a very strong, very talented people. Really. Well, after the master -class, they tried again. And the audience voted for the strongest reading. Changes have been at all. Some even - strong acting emotions. Thank you for such a desire to read Dostoevsky!
Night at the library
experience of slow reading
experience of slow reading

photo album from performance is here

Sunday, 1 January 2012



Volodia 1991
Lrna 1991



We celebrate New Year on Lyons-time (+10)