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November 24 at 18:00
A new documentary theater performance KnAM.

Many thanks to Bernard Noel for his text "The Book of Forgetting" and "Dictionary of the Paris Commune", used in the performance. Bernard's book has just come out in France ... Amazing ...

It's all me


theater KnAM working on a social project, "This is all me." The essence of the project is that the actors involved in the theater with a group of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. They give children the basic skills of acting, develop fantasy and imagination, learn to move and speak beautifully. Session lasts an hour and takes place once a week, but after the first classes were the first results are visible. As told Tatyana Frolova, a theater director, "We have seen that this is a little different people. They became softer and, if before they left to itself or looking at the phone, then later they opened, began to look into the eyes of calm, they had the plastic. "
When asked why the protagonists of the project - the children from disadvantaged families, Tatiana said: "We have worked very hard with the children of the orphanage, but now decided to work with children who have parents, but they have a dysfunctional family. We think that these children are more deprived than the children of the orphanage because they are abandoned, they are on their own. We want to focus on such families, because we did not know the world. "


Dmitry Bocharov, actor KnAM added: "It is very logical - to work with children. If someone needs help, associated with the theater, art and creativity, first of all, of course, young people, because adults do not forge. "Tatiana went on: "Children - our future. You want a little more to invest in the future. Though these 11 people. If they are a little more free, naughty, will see brighter possibilities, we have worked with them for good reason. "
These 11 people, which says Tatiana - students and older students. Each of them has a heavy load on the heart - nedolyublennosti parents, scenes of cruelty and violence, but in spite of all their smiling faces - the goods have not been able to oust the best of what they have. Theater director said that before you start to work with children, the entire cast was worried.


"We imagined that they are tough, loaded, - the director - but when they came, we realized that they really almost indistinguishable from ordinary young people. The only difference - they have more discipline. Generally very clean kids like flowers. "
Tatiana shows some video interviews with the children. Are teenagers - 15, 16 years. In the video, they are trapped, but smiling, they call your name, age and tell what they do or did. However, these guys are smiling, no longer come to the other activities of the first.
"They must have a network of more important things," - says Tatiana. All the guys before the experiment told that this project is necessary first of all to themselves. And the fact that more than half of the children dropped out, says only about one-young komsomolchane not want to change. But the project will still take place, even if it will be used several times fewer people than expected, he says.
On the third lesson comes just two people. This is a high school student and the student Dima Vlad.


They offer classes in acting, actress Elena Bessonova. She asks about homework. It lay in the fact that, during the week to track good things in life, then Elena asked to recall and describe what they saw a happy man, and then give the job to remember a bright red object, met today. After warm-up to the main section - acting. Young people come up with skits, improvise. Helen encourages their praises: "Well done! Super! Wow!". Kind words like spells liberate young people and the next scene they do with passion, almost without hesitation. In parallel, the teacher explains the importance of training in acting, "It helps to go to the art of living. Here, for example, when you make a scene and you have a goal - everything works. And in life, when you know exactly what you want - everything works. "
After classes in acting, in the hall comes Tatyana Frolova. She says it is important to "find" your voice, let it out. There was also a work of the imagination - the boys closed their eyes and were a fire, lemon, snow.
On the question of what will be the result of the actor with children KnAMovtsy said: "While we have had two meetings - the first we have told them something, in the second we have a closer look, and spent the first photo session. We have this idea - to do after school photo and video sessions. What of it? We do not yet know. But the first thing we want - it's an exhibition. But it will be very different from what usually happens in museums, in particular, in our, Far. "
According to the idea of ​​theater-goers, the pictures should reflect the personality changes. And above all, the attention paid to the eyes in the photo, facial expressions.
It should be noted that this experiment is the first time in the theater. "It's an experiment in form, - the director of the theater, - if before we knew exactly what we will do with the children - we had a clear plan, we know what we want to get the result, what methods will be used for this, but now we have decided on a creative project - we have only a rough vision of what should happen eventually, but we give a free hand to these young people. They can participate in this project and offer some ideas - everything from movies to art actions. Let them do, and we'll help them. "
I will add that a parallel project "It's me" theater KnAM is working on a play about the memory, "I am." Are any details about him were not disclosed, but it is known that the social project may affect production. "It is possible that there is something out of what is now engaged in the theater with children can enter into the prepared statement," I am! '"- Shared the director. In late November komsomolchane see two projects from the theater.
Working with adolescents, as well as a new performance theater KnAM is part of the all-Russian project "Theatre + Company" by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, which is realized in the seven independent Russian theaters. Thus, private theaters are funded some projects, which involved socially vulnerable groups with limited access to the cultural sphere.
Olga Kosheleva,  Our City

Slava Krikunov

star in our kitchen. Slava went into KnAM for me is a huge gift ... Once he went to the studio theater KnAM.