Sunday, 28 July 2013

Anatoly Kotcur

On the Lenin avenue today I saw a handsome young man who was walking on an artificial leg. For Komsomolsk it is just shocking sight! I was staring at his feet, I could not tear myself away from the unusual, but still a beauty. It seemed to be a foreigner who accidentally got in our city. "Did not you recognize me?" threw me passing by. I looked up. Anatoly ... Kotcur. Member of the fighting in Chechnya (1995). The one who gave me an interview for our performance Personal War on prose Arkady Babchenko, with Anatoly we got used during a tour of 2011-2012 in France and Switzerland. About 40 performances! And always during his monologue in any country (Russia is no exception) is becoming a deathly silence. I've always seen Anatolia as our Angel ... Look, it's worth  three minutes of your  life.

Anatoly is the hero of our time. He has great faith in life and a very strong spirit. I'm happy that I can be with him in this photo!

Sunday, 14 July 2013

old radio

Very old radio is for new performance


"I do not know where is my place," said in an interview with Sofia Pavlovna. And then I started thinking about this phrase. Where is it, my place? for me - it's certainly prospect Pervostroiteley and KnAM. And then I started to ask my heroes about their place. And started another side project. Today I introduce you 5 places of my heroes. Before the premiere, I can not reveal the secret - whose places young people present. After the premiere, we'll find out ...
First Place - The Old Playground, it presented by Lyudmila Smirnova


The first time we've been there, it is completely unknown Komsomolsk, alien ... It seems that Lyudmila saw this beauty through the eyes of first builders ...

Second Place - Teachers College, the old first school. Taisa Trishana presents this place.


Third place - quay, which previously housed the market, it introduced Olga Kosheleva today ...


fourth place presents by Alexander Puzyrev


and fifth place, we were there yesterday, the rain came and we took that as a good sign - Oryol highway - entrance to the city - Komsomolsk opens a string of white buildings. The place presents by Alexei Chernov

2013-07-12 23-47-01

see you at the theater on July 20 at 17:00

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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Teaser of new performance

тизер спектакля Поколение гордости и славы from t61 on Vimeo.

Generation of pride and glory
Theatre KnAM continues work to restore the historical memory of the place in which was set up where theatre continues to live and create extraordinary performances.
The front story of Komsomolsk prevent the current generation to connect to the history of the city emotionally. The facade of the past, beaming after reconstruction, causes mistrust in modern humans and, at best, leaves him indifferent.
The creators of the documentary play convinced that history alive, still alive witnesses of the events. After the death of the last witness history moves in archive format is fixed, which means it can easily overwritten or erased at all. It is important to have time to ask the older generation of those questions that we are unable to respond because they were born much later. We want to get as deep as possible in the construction of a distant city to recover the lost items to pass through the heart of a happy and difficult times experienced by people who have contributed to the development of the city.
Documentary performance "Generation of pride and glory" is based on the biographies of the residents of Komsomolsk, who gave most of his working life to this city. The presence of the project participants on the stage, their memories, emotions, comments, will breathe life into the dry documentary material to restore the long erased in the minds of society events and facts. The viewer will have the opportunity to realize the achievements of past generations not as an abstract concept, but as a work, for which the fates of real people living among us today.
The authors of the play very much hope that the animated story will help change attitudes to these people and to the city as a whole, will allow viewers to accept the sad experience of the past and to feel proud of the glorious achievements of previous generations.
The performance is created with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation within the framework of the program "plus Theatre Society."