Sunday, 28 July 2013

Anatoly Kotcur

On the Lenin avenue today I saw a handsome young man who was walking on an artificial leg. For Komsomolsk it is just shocking sight! I was staring at his feet, I could not tear myself away from the unusual, but still a beauty. It seemed to be a foreigner who accidentally got in our city. "Did not you recognize me?" threw me passing by. I looked up. Anatoly ... Kotcur. Member of the fighting in Chechnya (1995). The one who gave me an interview for our performance Personal War on prose Arkady Babchenko, with Anatoly we got used during a tour of 2011-2012 in France and Switzerland. About 40 performances! And always during his monologue in any country (Russia is no exception) is becoming a deathly silence. I've always seen Anatolia as our Angel ... Look, it's worth  three minutes of your  life.

Anatoly is the hero of our time. He has great faith in life and a very strong spirit. I'm happy that I can be with him in this photo!

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