Sunday, 14 July 2013


"I do not know where is my place," said in an interview with Sofia Pavlovna. And then I started thinking about this phrase. Where is it, my place? for me - it's certainly prospect Pervostroiteley and KnAM. And then I started to ask my heroes about their place. And started another side project. Today I introduce you 5 places of my heroes. Before the premiere, I can not reveal the secret - whose places young people present. After the premiere, we'll find out ...
First Place - The Old Playground, it presented by Lyudmila Smirnova


The first time we've been there, it is completely unknown Komsomolsk, alien ... It seems that Lyudmila saw this beauty through the eyes of first builders ...

Second Place - Teachers College, the old first school. Taisa Trishana presents this place.


Third place - quay, which previously housed the market, it introduced Olga Kosheleva today ...


fourth place presents by Alexander Puzyrev


and fifth place, we were there yesterday, the rain came and we took that as a good sign - Oryol highway - entrance to the city - Komsomolsk opens a string of white buildings. The place presents by Alexei Chernov

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see you at the theater on July 20 at 17:00

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