Friday, 26 April 2013


Finally decided on the day of the premiere, May 17 at 19:00
There is a lot of work, but in general all is ready. Now we work on the external appearance of the play, grinding, honing. Thanks Sergei Burlaku for manual work today

Irina Kharina for the excellent article in the Journal "Komsomolsk"
Only when we opened the magazine and saw the author  Olga, standing with apple (right), in the same (!), which we use in the play, such as the one we left in December at his tomb


we realized that there are no coincidences ...
Thanks to Olga Kosheleva for questions today, she listened carefully our answers that we took that as a good sign, too. And today, realizing that extremely tired from months of work seven days a week, we decided to take a day off tomorrow, just breathe, gain strength to leap is the finish line - to the premiere.

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